Gopaul Lands Hardware and Superstore has its roots in very humble beginnings.

Founded in 1930 on King's Wharf in San Fernando, the group started off as a small grocery store and subequent hardware establishment on the same premises. This proved to be a nexus and training fround for what has remained a family owned and operated business, and the present day operators gre up in the gamily business.

It's no surprise that the company is now a well established giant in the wholesale and retail fields for harware, grocery and household items. Between the King's Wharf of yesteryear and the Superstore of Marabella of today, the company evolved to a land development firm in order to take advantage of the developments at that time. This provided an opportunity some years later to return to the core business on Marabella roundabout, where it stands as a landmark today.

The company remains a major supplier to sugar, oil and industrial sectors.